Boucherie Feeds: Delivering Healthy Meals to New Orleans Students in Need
Boucherie’s Executive Chef and Owner Nathanial Zimet believes wholeheartedly that all residents of New Orleans deserve to not only be fed, but fed well. That's why we’ve started Boucherie Feeds: a program dedicated to providing complete, nutritious and tasty meals to students in low-income areas throughout New Orleans. While New Orleans is known for its rich food history and culture, one in five New Orleanians live with food insecurity, and 64% of children in Orleans Parish are income-eligible for federal nutrition programs. In addition to Boucherie's current school breakfast and lunch program, a recent partnership with the “Healthy School Food Collaborative” now gives Boucherie the opportunity to deliver nutritious meals to 500 public school students throughout the city -- Not just in school, but directly to their homes, seven days a week! But the goal is much bigger. Over the next three years, we aim to serve 5,000 meals a day! A program of this size and ambition requires a lot of infrastructure and labor to cook, package and transport to schools and student’s homes. With your help, we can help grow Boucherie Feeds and enable it to reach as many students in need as possible. Help make this a reality for the children of our city. Please keep in mind that Boucherie is a for-profit business. It is not a 501(c)3. Your contribution is not tax deductible and is not considered a charitable donation by the IRS.
10 donors
May 06, 2022 Jennifer, A $52.84
Apr 18, 2022 Sam, B $500.00
Apr 13, 2022 Sara, R $1.00
Apr 09, 2022 Mary, L $105.36
Apr 07, 2022 Michael, A $105.36
Apr 06, 2022 Mindy, M $52.84
Apr 06, 2022 Jennifer, A $52.84
Apr 06, 2022 Frank, S $26.58
Apr 06, 2022 Walker, H $262.92
Mar 09, 2022 John, F $1.37
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